Grocery Shopping Is SO Much Easier!

Loving The FunCarts!

Welcome to the Digicart Experience!

We have one simple goal: to deliver the world’s best family shopping experience!

Let’s face it, shopping is boring for young kids and can be very stressful for parents, not to mention other shoppers!  Our solution has been to rethink the shopping cart, with the goal of delivering a positive, educational, multidimensional shopping cart that entertains and involves children, while allowing their parents to have a more peaceful and productive shopping experience.

Involve the kids, make it fun, make it interactive, make it educational and they will shop in peace …and parents and other shoppers will too!

Our team here at Aisleworx has extensive experience in making life easier for parents shopping with children, and now after two years of development, we are proud to announce our best ever shopping cart:  The Digicart!

Your Children Are Involved In The Shopping Experience

If you are worried that this is simply parking kids in front of a TV, don’t be.  Firstly, the child’s screen is only playing carefully selected educational children’s programs from their favorite characters.  And we have proven that the screen is only one element in that is a much more interactive experience for children than any other form of shopping.

The Digicart itself – driving it and ‘being in charge’-  is the main attraction for young children.

The entertainment screen is mostly watched when the cart is still and provides a short term, rather than long term, distraction that adds to rather than takes away from the shopping experience. Our specially-designed children’s programs don’t just entertain but educate too, so it’s a double win  – happy kids, learning and having fun, and a less stressed parent who can shop in peace!

Your Kids Are Safer

With over 20,000 hospitalisations of young children in accidents to do with shopping carts, the traditional cart can be dangerous to your children. The main problem is in falls from the top onto concrete or solid floors. Digicarts solve that. A recent major study on this important issue made several recommendations, but the most important was: Locate children closer to the floor. 2 inches is safe. 3 feet is not.

Further reading:   

Washington Post  “Despite warnings, about 24,000 kids are hurt annually in shopping cart accidents.”

Newswise:  “66 children per day are treated in US Emergency Departments for Shopping Cart related injuries”


Ask about Digicarts in your local store!