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76% of purchasing decisions are made in the aisle

Aislevision: Reach Shoppers In The Aisle For $2 Per Day

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How It Works


Digicarts are mobile, digital billboard shopping carts that are rolling out in thousands of stores to some of the biggest retailers in the USA.

They offer advertisers a unique and exciting opportunity to get messages to shoppers at the exact time they are making their purchase decisions.

Using the latest in cloud technology, each brand message is downloaded via the internet to Digicarts’ media screens in your target demographic or geographic area. Each message is 8 seconds long and fully electronic:  you have the choice of moving video or still images.

These messages become a miniature in-store campaign, building awareness right up to the point of purchase in the aisle. We constantly reinforce your brand message by targeting the oncoming shoppers as each cart is taken around the store, so in effect each cart becomes a moving digital billboard for your brand.

The only shopper marketing program that reaches shoppers where they shop, when they shop.

Why It Works


Our program has several unique shopper marketing advantages:

  • Each image is fully electronic, and therefore very vibrant and full of life. Plus it’s on the Digicart, the single most attention grabbing device in the store, with the hi-def screens at the perfect ‘buying height’.  Shoppers can’t take their eyes off a Digicart!
  • Instead of being a distraction to shoppers, suddenly your brand has become an integral part of the shopping experience, associated with family fun and happy,  satisfied customers.
  • Instead of playing continuously regardless of how busy the store is, Digicarts play more images when there are more customers, and fewer images when the store is quieter.
  • Instead of a one-off easily missed image, we can offer a store campaign for your brand. In a single shopper’s 40-minute average shopping experience your brand image will play up to 100 times across three Digicarts.  Our research shows an average person will see your brand 4 times prior to getting the image that will play right next to your product.
  • It’s the perfect tarp-based campaign that reaches around the whole store, rather than a single fixed spot. Your image shows at all places where the shoppers are, and Aisleworx is the only media that reach both primary and secondary locations with one easy buy.  Further Reading – CPG Matters 
  • Our program is scalable from 10 stores to 1,000, can be varied according to day-part and updated with the flick of a switch. It’s very flexible and measurable, with online real-time measurements.



Brand Campaigns For $2 Per Day

Offering incredible value, the top screen is available to brands to reach and influence customers. A single brand will play over 150 times a day per cart, always reaching customers at the exact time they are making their buying decisions, with most stores having 2 to 3 carts thats just $14 to $21 per week for up to 2,000 impressions per week per store. Our CPM reach is less than $9 per 1,000 impressions.

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1,000 Of The Largest And Best Retail Stores In America

Our retail partners are some of the biggest and busiest stores in the world, with more visitors than any national TV channel – most generating 10,000 to 25,000 customers visits per store every week.

You can use this platform to sell product like no other medium!  We can scale from 10 stores to 1,000, and offer great value: a Ten Store Program from $140 per week; 100 stores from $1,700 per week; 500 stores from  $8,750

76% Of Purchase Decisions Are Made In The Aisle
Study after study reinforces the facts that most purchases decisions are made right then and there. It’s the perfect time to reach and influence customer buying habits and it doesn’t matter if you call it ‘’ the moment of truth’’, ‘’the point of purchase’’,  ‘the buy zone’’ or any other label. The aisle is where buyers buy.

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This Is Media That Worx!
Shopper marketing programs have come into their own, constantly out-performing all other media in terms of sales lift with the POP Advertising International Study in 2012 showing that 91% of  measured campaigns achieved a meaningful sales lift of 5% to 25%.

And Aisleworx results show that shopping cart campaigns perform even better with category lift from 10% to 20%. The facts show that we can grab attention, we can build brand and we can make sales. It’s a unique combination of getting through, being effective and delivering fantastic value.  Further Reading

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